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I'm W.D. Lady. A writer of sorts, who went to college and has been out of the system for years. I've been developing my stories for some time, a decade at least, (since I'm a very slow writer). I have a passion for creative writing. I read many books, including nonfiction. I continue writing short stories, scripts, screenplays, and novels.


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I don't know why, but I've been thinking a lot these days about writing and publishing a comic book for one of my novels. It's set in the distant future and it's a sci-fi/western. Being a visual person myself, I kind of want to go this route for some reason. It's not cheap making a comic book or manga, especially since I'll need to hire an artist. Not only that, but I'd like one in full color, digital illustrations and everything––the works!

I've said it many times before that writing costs me nothing, only when I need to get an editor... I'm going to try to save up some money and see where that will lead me. Since I've finally decided that I won't be going back to the gym anymore, I won't be paying for that one year membership. It's a long story, but I believe that gym was not very clean or healthy for me. I was always sick with flu-like symptoms and tummy aches... not to mention, I'd overwork myself constantly.

No Money coming in...

I'm going to try some other methods of keeping fit, like eating right, walking or jogging in my neighborhood. Something to keep me active. For my comic book, I'll be hiring an artist. I need to make a contract though, work for hire and all before I do anything else. I don't know if I should finish publishing first (the novel) and then make the comic book last. So many decisions, dealing with money and all. Is it worth it? 

Is it going to cost me $5,000 bucks, $10,000 or more? In addition, a price range on amazon (through createspace) for a comic book in full color is going to be set very high anyway. On Amazon's site, any comic book that has 100 pages must be at a selling price of $14 dollars or higher. I'd make .54 cents in royalties at $13.99. I don't think I'd be making that five grand back so easy, without some kind of marketing campaign or PR Agent...

God forbid I have more pages for this comic book, because it would be nearly $20 or $30 bucks easy. Why make a comic book if the novel's already out? Or maybe I could make an alternate series based loosely on the novel (s)? Or I could continue where I left off in the original novel (s) and call it a day? 

Anyhoo, moving on. Work is so-so. I really don't want to talk about it... still want to quit though. I need to seriously pay off that credit card bill and fast. I like having the extra money coming in, but with taxes being so high now, I feel like I'm not making enough for a living. I might have to reconsider getting a second job or a better job with higher wages. It's ridiculous that I have to pay so much for everything these days, and yet wages are still stagnant and getting lower. It just doesn't make any sense. 

All the world's a stage

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